Emily Mitchell

The pieces Emily's latest collection are inspired by 17th century English lacework and the decoration is a contemporary take on ‘bianco-sopra-bianco’ (white on white) which was a decorative technique used in English delftware in the 18th century. The process creates different layers of depth, opacity and tones of white. Additional hand painted gold lustre elements are designed to catch the light by day or by candlelight at night.  Each piece is unique with hand made and applied raised sprig decoration. The pieces go through three firings- bisque, glaze and lustre to achieve the final work.Emily has created a dedicated following with her hand built and hand thrown ceramics. For her collections for Unpolished, Emily’s interest in the 17th Century Dutch table setting supplied influences in its variety of forms and objects - plates, platters, pots and bowls. All were beautifully unified through their decoration, detailing and making.