Colette Woods

Colette Woods is a ceramicist and painter living in Bruton, Somerset.

Her hand-built ceramics, created in stoneware, fuse inspiration from the classical world with a very modern enchantment. Her work is bold and robust, sculpted to its core identity, where form is everything and colour is pared back to a magical flourish. Colette’s paintings are informed by her ceramics and vice versa; a two-way transference occurs and both are made with the happiness of daily life in mind.

‘When I work with a piece, whether it is a painting or a ceramic, form and simplicity are my key elements and I enjoy the careful process of construction. I am not striving for uniformity and a formulaic concept of perfection. Rather, my work is abstracted which allows the viewer the freedom to create their own joyful narrative.’

Everything is created to be used and to celebrate daily life, bringing purity and visual pleasure to the table or wall. Each day is important - nothing should be saved for the best.