The Illuminated Horizon Necklace

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The molten sun and icy silver eye come together as an invitation to explore the world with the clarity of a child’s intuition. The collection, “After the rain falls…’ is inspired by founder Rosh Mahtani's early childhood in Africa and the heady smell of the rain falling on the hot ground. Much like the moment that Dante emerges from the depths of the Inferno to see an illuminated path on the shores of Mount Purgatory, the Illuminated Horizon Medallions act as a beacon of light to guide you on all your adventures.

The Illuminated Horizon Necklace is hand-crafted locally in the UK from 24kt gold plated bronze.

Medium sun medallion: 3cm x 2cm
Small eye medallion: 3cm x 1.5cm

Comes with one adjustable chain, which can be worn at three lengths: 40/45/51cm

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