Abbie La Rooy

Stoneware Candlestick

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Stoneware candlestick by ceramicist Abbie La Rooy. Each candlestick is thrown on the wheel, then flipped upside down and pulled (traditional handle making technique) making each unique with a distinct character. The candlesticks are then left upside down to dry until they are stiff enough to hold their shape. The  candlesticks are then bisque fired, dipped in dolomite glaze and then fired again to 1260°C. They have a slight sheen to the surface. 

The candlesticks vary in height but are all the same price. They look amazing in a group of two or more. Price is for a single candlestick.

The smaller ones are 30-32 cm tall and the taller ones are 33-37cm tall.

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