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Citrus Medica

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A large life-size ornamental citrus, true to the size and shape of this species, made of Cornish stoneware clay by OC/BC Arts. A lemon with blossom and a single leaf, grown in Sorrento , Italy.

The citrus collection for Unpolished was inspired by a desire to follow in the footsteps of the 17th Century Botanical Johann Christoph Volkamer, whose botanical engravings documented the rarest and most bizarre citrus fruits at a time when a competitive craze for collecting them had developed amongst the aristocracy, believing that ‘the golden apples of the Hesperides' in Greek mythology were in fact citrus fruit. The collection displays a handful of citrus varieties seen by the artist while traveling in Europe, all of which are true to size and shape.

Dimensions : 19cm long x 12cm wide


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