Lucy Wayne

Lucy Wayne is a London born artist, working from life in watercolour and ink to produce simple and delicate paintings of flowers. She works directly in colour without the use of pencil, in this way, the compositions unfold in sometimes unexpected ways.

For her collection for Unpolished called "Between Us" she is inspired by the beauty and strength of flowers. She gathered some of the flowers for this collection from her garden, first spending time outdoors, connecting and seeing what she is  drawn to, then bringing them into the studio where she has lots of milk bottles, jars and vases to place them in. In Lucy's words  " The poppies are a flower I return to each year, they are so fascinating with their prickly stems, pleated petals and detailed stigma and stamen in the centre. I love observing how they bloom and then gracefully fade, taking on sculptural forms and embodying the beauty in imperfection." 

This collection began in very early spring, with the first brave blooms showing their resilience and following the rhythm of the seasons. Lucy's practice allows her to honour, connect and appreciate these fleeting and ever changing moments in time and share the sentiment and beauty of this with the viewer.